The Other Day (El Otro Dia) 

Spec TV pilot. 


A timely drama series set in east Los Angeles,

shot in english and spanish.  Three families lives intersect  with their tangled crises just prior to Thanksgiving.

The first two sequences are completed;  currently  filming the third.

(First family) Emiliano is the patriarch of the Hernandez family who is dealing with his mental demise and now he has to dodge ICE.

His family believe they've found a life raft in his neurologist, Charlotte Morgan.

(Second family) Little do they know  her life is about to implode.


Meanwhile Emiliano's daughter, Maria, is the AA sponsor for a young aspiring musician, MacKenzie (Mac) Knowles. (Third family). 

Mac's currently grappling with the pain of meeting her estranged father, Ray, for the first times in years. This segment is filming in late September 2019. It will also be released as a short film, Take My Heart.


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