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A family drama about the power of love and forgiveness.

The film stars superb actors: Emmy Award winner Kim Estes and Joy Sunday as the brilliant yet troubled singer-songwriter.  The magnetic Roy Williams Jr. is  the ex boyfriend. 

Lana Danielyan and Marisilda Garcia add to the intrigue.

This short drama is on the film festival circuit as well as edited  into our TV spec pilot, The Other Day.  


Brief Synopsis:  Mackenzie, a talented singer-songwriter, reconnects with her estranged father after he hears her sing for the first time.  Their opportunity to heal their differences is almost thwarted when Mac's ex boyfriend unexpectedly shows up





Director: Anna Simone Scott

Writer: Anna Simone Scott

Story by: Peter Sands &

Anna Simone Scott

Exec Producer: Peter Sands

Producer: Sofia Monroe

Cinematographer: Ricardo Jacques Gale

Editor: Susan Dempsky-Horiuchi

Associate Producer: Julianne Gabert

Casting:  Julianne Gabert




Mackenzie: Joy Sunday

Ray: Kim Estes

Fox: Roy Williams Jr.

Lee: Lana Danielyan

Maria: Marisilda Garcia

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